Food for thought #SEGPOL

5 Jul 2022

Marleen Easton and Jeroen Maesschalck (KU Leuven) are co-chairing a working group on ‘Innovation, Technology and Security’ in a series of ‘Food for thought’ sessions organized by the Centre for Policing and Security (CPS) in the context of the two-year project ‘Staten-Generaal voor de Politie #SEGPOL’ . Their working group recently (9/06/2022) co-organised a roundtable conference ‘Food for thought: technology and innovation in the year 2030’ in which Valerie Vervaenen and Jasper De Paepe were notulist in one of the workshop sessions organized in close collaboration with practitioners. The results will be compiled in a publication and a vision document on the future of the police including policy recommendations.