Governing Flows Workshop in June 2017

On the 28th and 29th of June 2017, GaPS hosted the "Governing Flows" workshop at Ghent University. Scholars from the UK, Norway, Austraila, the Netherlands and Belgium presented their current research and exchanged knowledge with practitioners from the field of security. 


EPIC Conference at Ghent University in June 2017

On the 15th and 16th of June 2017, GaPS hosted the EPIC conference at Ghent University. 


GaPS and it’s affiliated members are wishing you a healthy and happy 2017




Some reflections on managing innovation in public policing

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International Master "Criminal justice, Governance and Police Science”

The international master's program in "crimincal justice, governance and police science"

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'Governing and Policing Security' (GaPS)

The research group 'Governing Security & Policing' is located at the crossroads between governance, management and criminology. A governance perspective is used to study local, national and international problems related to crime, safety and security. GAPS is focused on (1) the changing nature of security challenges and the changing nature of the actors providing security and control (eg public / private, administrative / judicial), (2) the blurring boundaries between these actors and their power on a policy and operational level (3) the implementation of security policies and its implications for the security actors, their partners and citizens. Since the 1st of October 2013 GaPS is located at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration at Ghent University.

Members of GaPS are actively involved in the following journals & book series:


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  • ResearchItem: Governance of security in public events. Conceptualization of steering processes and dynamics in occasional security networks, Research Workshop Governing Flows, 28th & 29th of June, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium. >
  • Service: Brouckaert, L., De Pauw, E. & Vermeeren, L. (2017). 10 jaar opleiden, blijven de oorspronkelijke doelstellingen overeind. Presentatie studiedag Maatschappelijke veiligheid 2.0: Het 7e jaar klaar voor de toekomst?, Centrum voor Policing & Security, Het huis van Nederlands, Brussel, 9 mei, 2017. >

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