Discussie Forum 'Comparative Perspectives on the Policing-Science Nexus'

19 dec 2012

With an international group of academics working in the field of policing attending the conference on ‘Tides & Currents on Police Theories’ in Ghent on December the 12th and 13th of December, there was a great opportunity to hold a discussion forum on the nexus between policing and science in the lead up to this conference.

Representatives of respected institutes such as the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing & Security (, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (, The British Police Foundation (, the Dutch Foundation for Society, Safety and Police ( and the Flemish Centre for Police Studies ( discussed some of the ‘hot topics’ and contemporary challenges working at the intersection between policing and science.

Questions examined included ‘how to strengthen the ties between the worlds of practice and research?’, ‘how to operationalize research into practice?’, ‘how to do more with less in the age of austerity?’ and ‘what are structural requirements needed to keep the connection alive?’.

The main aim of this scientific meeting was to exploit this unique gathering of senior scholars and practitioners to think ‘out of the box’ and try to learn from each other on these issues. As the police-science nexus is crucial for the further development of the police as a profession and policing as a field of academic study, Belgian policy makers and practitioners were invited to join this discussion and add their view on the topics being discussed.

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