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Contribution NLab seminar

Date: 27 Oct 2016 - final

Verschuere, B. & De Pauw, E. (2016). Geëngageerde burgers, nodig, nuttig of lastig? Workshop N-Lab seminarie, Monasterium Poortackere, Gent, 27 oktober 2016.

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Presentation about PhD research in Commission for the Environment of the Flemish Parliament

Date: 21 May 2013 - final

Presentation in the Commission for the Environment of the Flemish Parliament,  hearing about the illegal export of end of life vehicles and e-waste, invited by Commission Secretary Johan Cuypers. 

Debate with Mrs. Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Culture; Mr. Patrick Van Den Bossche (Agoria) and Mr. Bart Palmans (Flemish Environmental Inspectorate).

The title of dr. Lieselot Bisschop's presentation was: Governing transnational environmental crime. A case study of the trade in e-waste.

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